2013, you beautiful blur

I may be a few weeks late to the party but I’ve thinking about the past year a lot as 2014 slowly creaks into action - probably the aftermath of all the hope and warm feelings of Christmas beginning to fizzle out as the new year stumbles in and you’re faced with a whole new 12 months to work with.

But 2013, you were good to me, overall. 2012 was a year of epiphanies; travelling to places I never expected, working in new fields, resetting my ‘career goals’ (ugh) as I realised how little I actually was certain about. But 2013 was a transformative year, one where I took steps forward and backwards and ended up somewhere completely unexpected. I started the year looking into a film production job, in line with my studies, with a twinge of uncertainty about where that would take me. I ended up in a digital writing role, with a technology and innovation company, with a million different ideas for where I could go. I got over myself as a ‘creative person’ and learnt creativity is in not some elite skill, and not refined to arts. I learnt the importance of a working environment rather than a job title, which environments actually get the best out of me and which don’t. I learnt that being uncool is a skill you can own and get used to and that going to the gym and going to bed early and not partying all weekend is totally fine and will make you feel way better about yourself than trying to be everything to everyone. 

There’s still plenty I haven’t achieved and plenty of people I could compare myself to, but this year I just want to do more, be more and work harder. If 2013 was a realignment of all my expectations of myself and what I can achieve, 2014 is the platform to start making them happen. I’ll be back for you in 2015, New York.